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Team Challenge
 Pamela Jane Nye's
  Sponsorship Levels
With Operation Scrubs activities during National Nurses Week occur aboard ship, Naval terms are applied to sponsorship support levels. They include: 
  • Captain $50,000+
  • Rear Admiral $100,000+
  • Vice-Admiral $500,000+
  • Admiral $1,000,000+
  • Fleet¬†Admiral, also
         Event-Presenting Sponsor 
         (Highest contributor over $1M)
  • Recruit $10+
  • Warrant Officer $20+
  • Ensign $100+
  • 2nd Lieutenant $1,000
  • Lieutenant $5,000+
  • Lt. Commander$10,000+
  • Commander $25,000+

* * * See Naval description levels below * * * 


Equipment: $ or In-KInd
  • Genesis Webcast System (Est. $50,000)¬†Captain
  • 10 Smart TV 85"/90" screens ($25,000)¬†Commander
  • 10 Heavy Duty Stands ($15,000)¬†Lt. Commander
Branded SWAG Items: $ or In-Kind
Graduation gifts needed for symposium attending Nurses and Instructors
(Quantity: 650 or *1000 Per Item)

¬†* * * ‚ÄčItems Include¬†* * *¬†
  • Back Packs¬† (Est. $30,000)¬†Commander¬†
  • Chromebook Laptops (Est. $250,000)¬†Admiral
  • *Cloisonne Pins (Est. $2,000)¬†2nd. Lieutenant
  • Mouse Pads (Est. $8,000)¬†Lieutenant
  • Padfolio (Est. $7,500)¬†Lieutenant
  • Pen Lights (Est. $7,500)¬†Lieutenant¬†
  • *Printing: Workbooks (Est. $3,500)¬†2nd Lieutenant
  • *Scrubs Uniforms (Est. 50,000)¬†Captain
  • Shoes (Est. 25,000)¬†Commander
  • Stethoscopes (Est. $75,000)¬†Captain
  • USB {Programmed (32GB) (Est. $5,000)¬†Lieutenant
  • Watch/Fitness (Est. $25,000)¬†Commander
  • *Photo Yearbook* (Est. $25,000)¬†Commander
  • Other items you'd like to contribute?
Services: $ or In-Kind
  • Breakfasts (Continental) 7 x 150
  • Dinners (Buffet) 5 x 150
  • Dinners (Sit-Down) 1 x¬†¬†
  • Lunches (Buffet/Nurses at Sea) x 4
  • Lunches (Buffet Media) x 2
  • Event staff (Comp)
  • Executive staff (Comp)
  • Nurse Scholarship Recipients (Comp)
  • Nurse Attendees (Rate)
  • Performing Talent Comp)¬†
  • Sponsors (Rate)
  • Video/Webcast Production staff (Comp)
    Travel: Airline, Car Rental, Uber/Lyft
  • Nurse Scholarship Recipients (Comp x 12)
  • Performing Talent (5)
  • Attending Nurses (Rate)

    Streaming Video Events/Segments:
  • NightinGala Celebration (May 12)
            - Entertainment
            - Raffle
            - Scholarships
  • Thank a Nurse Team Challenge (May 6-12)
Year Book Advertising
(Event) Front Cover
Back Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Full Page Ad
1/2 Page Ad Horizontal
1/2 Page Ad / Vertical
1/4 Page Ad / Vertical
Business Card
. . . . . 8" x 10"
. . . . . 8" x 10"
. . . . . 8" x 10"
. . . . . 8" x 10"
. . . . . 8" x 10"
. . 3-3/8" x 10"
. . 3-3/8" x 10"
. . 3/8"x 4-7/8"
. . . 2" x 3-1/2"
Fleet Adm (incl)
OSi Admiral (incl)
Venue Sponsor (incl)
Laptop Sponor (incl)
Captain Level (incl)
Commander Rate
Commander Rate
Lt. Commander Rate
Lieutenant Level + Rate  
(Est. $25,000/Commander)
  • 2,500 Hardcover books as commemorative gifts for attending nurses, volunteer staff, speakers, news media ...
  • Photo Yearbook content also published online for free nurse, hospital and general public viewing.¬†
  • Marketing in U.S. for sale at $10*¬†to 3,8+ million USA registered nurses 6,500 Joint Commission certified hospitals,¬† and 20+ million nurses worldwide.¬†¬†
  • (*)¬†100% of¬†proceeds go towards providing tuition-free continuing¬†nurse education and advanced nursing education scholarships,

Anonymous -- Because you care, and you're satisfaction is
               knowing that 100% of your contribution  provides year-
               round accredited tuition-free continuing nurse education                     and advanced nursing education scholarships!
  • Recruits --¬†are newly enlisted personnel recognized as the essential piece of the organization's structure, without which it cannot succeed.¬†
  • Warrant Officer¬†-- provides leadership, guidance and instruction in support of mission objectives and overseeing enlisted personnel with commissioned officer respect and authority.
  • Lieutenant Commander¬†-- has substantial responsibilities such as tactical teams and difficult situations. Some commands require the Lieutenant Commander to act small ship Senior Officers or facility Department Heads.
  • Ensign --¬†¬†are branch or division officers responsible for leading a group of petty officers and enlisted personnel while at the same time receiving on-the-job training in leadership, systems, programs, and policies from higher-ranking officers.
  • Lieutenant --¬†are assigned group management, including training and oversight of Second Lieutenant.¬† They also also serve as the executive officer to Lieutenant Commanders, Commanders, and on occasion, Captains.
  • Commander --¬†in addition to leading people to accomplish an assigned mission, has lawful authority and responsibility to promote and safeguard the morale, physical well-being, and the general welfare of persons under their command.
  • Admiral (4-star)¬†-- is the title and rank of a senior naval officer, often referred to as a flag officer, who commands a fleet or group of ships of a navy or who holds an important naval post on shore.
  • Captains¬†-- are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the ship‚Äć or land facility, ‚ÄĆincluding safety, security, operations, crew management, legal compliance‚Äć, ‚ÄĆcargo and equipment.¬†
  • Rear Admiral¬†-- is the first of the Flag ranks. While at sea, commands an Amphibious Group, Carrier-Cruiser Group, Carrier or Expeditionary Strike Group. Other assignments include serving as deputies to larger commands.
  • Vice Admiral¬†-- of the Navy's160 allotted flag officers only¬† 25% may hold a rank with three stars or more. They command regional Navy fleets during an operation or war and answers directly to the Fleet Admiral and U.S. President
  • Fleet Admiral (also the event's¬†Presenting Sponsor) --¬†is a five-star flag officer rank in the United States Navy whose rewards include active duty status for life; ranks immediately above other admirals and is¬† responsible for all ships and personnel under their command.¬†¬†
  • Lieutenant J.G --¬†¬†typically lead petty officers and non-rated personnel, unless they're assigned to small aircraft or on staff duty. LTJG's usual shipboard billet (lodging) as a division officer.¬†