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Four  Categories  x  Ten Teams Per Category 
= 40 Hi-Profile Influential People
Team 1: Business  *Any person, company, organizations, etc. not identified as Entertainment, Health and Sports.
Name + ​Representative Company/Organization
Team Captain/Team Leader #1  _________________________________________________________
Team Leaders 2-10 _____________________________________________________________________
Team 2: Entertainment   * Film *  Music * Radio * Television * Theater *
​Name + Representative Company/Organization
Team Captain/Team Leader #1  _________________________________________________________
Team Leaders 2-10____________________________________________________________________
Team 3: Healthcare * Healthcare Group * Insurance * Nurse Assn * Pharmaceutical * Product * Retail * Service *
Name _ ​Representative Company or Organization
Team  Captain/Team Leader #1 Pamela Jane Nye / Neuroscience Nursing Ltd. ____________________
Team Leaders 2-10 _____________________________________________________________________
Team 4: Sports Baseball * Basketball * Football * Golf * Hockey * MMA *  NASCAR * Soccer * Tennis * WWE  * X-Games * ...
Name + Representative Company/Organization
Team Captain/Team Leader #1   _________________________________________________________
Team Leaders 2-10 _____________________________________________________________________

1  NO FEE to become an Industry Team or Category Team Leader! 
Online nurse-thanking posting involves a $1 data processing and registry maintenance fee. This cost deters/prevents robot, scam and inappropriate postings. Revenue generated by this event is equally shared with Team Member's Designated Non-Profit Charity and Operation Scrubs (providing tuition-free nurse eduction and advanced nursing education scholarships.)

Operation Scrubs, Inc. is California nonprofit / 501(c)(3) tax exempt nurse advocate, tuition-free continuing nurse education and advanced nursing scholarship provider. Revenue is administered by Operation Scrubs, Inc. Nurse Education and Scholarship Fund and mobile # to chuckfoster@operationscrubs.org or call  1-800.627.6156, Ext. 802
When you're ready to enlist, click the 
 menu link above and 
follow the directions ...


        A united American public collectively acknowledging and saying “thank you” to America’s 3.8+ million registered nurses, and 20+ million more nurses worldwide – truly the ‘unsung heroes’ of COVID-19 (and every other type of healthcare challenge)


        The goal of each team is to use their on-air and social media contacts to recruit at least 3.8+ million people to join their team.  Each recruited person registers  online and posts a nurse-thanking message honoring America’s 3.8+ million registered nurses, plus the 20+ million more nurses worldwide ... then asks their social media contacts to sign up and do the same>

        * BUSINESS = Includes individuals, organizations and
companies other than Entertainment, Health and Sports 

        * ENTERTAINMENT = Film, Music, Radio, Television, Theater  

        * HEALTH = Healthcare groups, Insurance, Nurse Associations, Pharmaceutical, Non-Pharmacaeutical Products, Retail Stores...

        * SPORTS = National organizations or teams representing:
Baseball, Basketball, Football,  Golf, Hockey, MMA/WWE, NASCAR, Tennis, Volleyball, X-Games, etc. ...

​* Operation Scrubs® / See a Nurse Thank a Nurse® are registered/protected trademark property entitlement of, 
and managed by Operation Scrubs, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations. All rights reserved!