Team Challenge
 Pamela Jane Nye's
2021 = 3,800,000+ Nurses +
is to improve the status-quo approach to providing continuing nurse education while advocating, promoting, and celebrating America’s most trusted professionals: Nurses!
Pamela Jane Nye,
founded, developed and oversees Operation Scrubs, Inc. (OSi) is a California nonprofit/tax-exempt 
corporation created to 
provide positive nurse 
image awareness, 
innovative continuing 
nurse education, and 
2021 OBJECTIVES - In addition to OSI's Thank a Nurse Team Challenge, National Nurses Week (May 6-12) expansion involves an entire week of nurse-related education and celebration including multi-category nurse symposium events and webcasts, nurse scholarship award presentations; and May 12th NightinGala honoring all nurses, including nurse legend Florence Nightingale and her annual birthday celebration.
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic required May/2020 plans to be rescheduled.  
  • The new dates are May 6-12-2021 again during National Nurses Week.
... in 2019 when Pam produced the inaugural Operation Scrubs  pilot even event on National Nurses Day, May 6, 2019.  
The venue was FantaSea One
a 4-deck megayacht based in Marina Del Rey, California. 
    Initial statewide nurse invitees included Stroke Coordinators, Neuroscience Nurses, also Advanced Practice Nursing students from the University of California, Los Angeles.  
3,800,000+ Nurse Thankers!
"If it was easy, somebody  else would be doing it. - Walt Disney 
advanced nursing education scholarships. 
IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) I.D. No. is 84-2089186.

U.S. Government Trademark records about Pam's "Operation Scrubs" and "... Thank a Nurse" reveal:
    * See a Nurse, Thank a Nurse” application reveals 
first use on 9/25/2018; Trademark filed on 8/26/2019,
 and approved on 3/24/2020. 
    * “Operation Scrubs” application reveals first use on 9/25/2018, Trademark filed on 8/1/2019/approved 4/14/2020. 
 is to provide, evaluate, modify as needed, then apply tradition-breaking approaches to uniquely providing quality and tuition-free continuing nurse education, positive nurse awareness, appreciation, and advanced nursing education scholarships for nurses throughout America.